Acronyms in SaaS

From API to CRM, unlock the language of modern tech with our comprehensive guide. Let's decode together!

CRM – Client Relationship Manager

ARR – Annual Recurring Revenue 

ACV – Annual Contract Value

SDR – Sales Development Representative 

BDR – Business Development Representative

AE – Account Executive 

AM – Account Manager
CSM – Client or Customer Success Manager

ARPU – Average Revenue Per User

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning 

API – Application Programming Interface

SaaS – Software as a Service 

PaaS – Platform as a Service 

B2B – Business to Business 

B2C – Business to Customer 

ROI – Return on Investment

SE – Sales Engineer 

2FA – Two Factor Authentication

EOD – End of Day

EOM – End of Month 
EOQ – End of Quarter 

GTM – Go to Market

KPI – Key Performance Indicator 

LTV – Lifetime Value

CLTV – Customer Lifetime Value

MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue 

POC – Proof of Concept 

QBR – Quarterly Business Review 

TAM – Total Addressable Market 

UI – User Interface

UX – User Experience 

VC – Venture Capital 



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